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Akrom-Ex Ltd. e-shop terms.


Akrom ex OÜ, registry code 10253883, address Vee 2, Märja, Tartumaa (the service provider) and the client, who executes and identifies itself by entering the order of your Personal Details (hereinafter Service User), have entered into this User Agreement (the User Agreement).

1. E-shop

1.1 Akrom EX, (hereinafter referred to as e-shop) is created by the Internet service provider through which the store is selling products to the service user.

2. General Provisions

2.1. The Contracting Parties shall be guided by the regulation of the relations between the Law of Obligations Act and other laws of the Republic of Estonia and other legislation, and E-shop terms agreed.

2.2. The supplier has the right at any time to make changes to the e-shop service.

2.3. The supplier has the right to unilaterally change the terms of a contract, without the obligation to notify it in writing by e-mail service to the user.

3. Products and the purchase,

3.1 E-shop displayed products are normally in stock. E-shop products are displayed may change concurrently with the order, or due to technical issues in the store or e-store programs.

3.2 If an item is out of stock and the order can not be filled by a staff member will contact the user and provide a new delivery time or replacement of another product, which is the same price and quality, or the return of money paid. The service user funds will be returned within 30 days.

3.3 Product images displayed are for illustrative purposes and may differ from the actual product. E-shop product specifications may not be complete and may contain inadvertent errors. For more information, please contact the service department.

3.4 E-shop offered products are sold to both natural and legal persons.

3.5 The Service User declares that he is at least 18 years old.

3.6 The service user selects the desired goods undertakes to comply with the order to enter the required information (last name, first name, telephone number, email address, address, zip code.

3.7 The Service User undertakes to enter true data that is necessary to fulfill the order. The service provider is not liable for the performance of the service by the user to the incorrect data caused by non-compliance with the order, or any resulting consequences.

3.8 The sale will take place if the service user is sent an e-shop via the internet page of the order is paid for the order.

3.9. Reservation of ownership of movable property when the sale has been agreed that the purchase price paid to the seller to the property, it is assumed that the ownership is transferred to the buyer the full payment of the purchase price (of ownership). On the basis of the reservation of ownership to the buyer to the seller can only be claimed if the vendor has withdrawn from the contract. If the seller is a requirement for ensuring retention of title was agreed, has expired, the seller may require the buyer to the matter in accordance with the property protection provisions. Law of Obligations Act § 233

4. Prices

4.1. All E-shop Prices are in euros and include VAT.

4.2. The supplier has the right at any time to change the e-shop in the prices displayed. If the e-shop prices are revised after the submission of the order by the service user and the payment service provider undertakes to supply the user with the corresponding products at the time of subscription prices. The service user does not have the right to demand compensation for the price difference.

5. Delivery and delivery conditions

5.1 The service user has the right to choose between different shipping.

5.1.1 The goods are delivered by courier service, users within the Republic of Ireland.

5.1.2 The service user must own the goods Akrom EX, according to the retailer.

5.2 If the service user's chosen delivery method courier, the goods will be delivered by courier 2-7 working days. All shipments are insured until the moment of delivery to the customer.

5.3 If the service user's chosen trade kättesaamisviisiks goods themselves by coming to the service user will be informed by phone or e-mail at the moment when the goods ordered by him is ready to be placed over the issue. The corresponding information is transmitted to the user by the service, within 1-7 business days of receipt of an order for the money and the service provider's account.

5.4 The ordered goods delivery takes place only in the order indicated in the service to the user identity document.

6. Withdrawal from the contract prior to the service provider's contract

6.1 If a service user wants after placing an order, and before the execution of the contract by the service provider to terminate the contract, the Service User undertakes that as soon as the service provider in writing. The written notice must be sent by electronic mail akro@akrom.ee. E-mail note to the order number, which wishes to withdraw and service user contact information (name, surname, date of order, contact phone number).

6.2 If the withdrawal reaches the Service Supplier after the service provider's contract, it is the withdrawal in accordance with the E-shop User Agreement section "The Return".

6.3 The service provider shall be borne by the service user of the amount paid not later than 30 days from the date of withdrawal desire of receipt.

6.4 The money will be transferred to the same account, which took place in receipts from the service provider.

7. Right of Return

7.1 E-shop Goods purchased may be returned within 14 days.

7.2 The returned product must be undamaged, complete, unused and in the original package.

7.3 Right of Return does not apply to an open enveloped audio, video records, computer software and products, which include computer software.

7.4 Product Application for refund must be submitted to the respective e-mail akro@akrom.ee.

7.5 Upon return to be submitted for the purchase invoice and the manufacturer's warranty card filled with data when it is requested.

7.6 Upon return, the Service User will be refunded within 30 days of returning.

7.7 The money will be transferred to the same account, which took place in receipts from the service provider.

7.8 All transport costs of returning the covering of service to the user.

7.9 If, after the return, it appears that the product does not comply with E-Store User Agreement paragraphs 7.1 - 7.5 above are then no money will not be returned to the user service and the product will be returned to the service provider to deposit. Deposit or recipients to cover the costs associated with returning the service to the user.

8. Claims Procedure

8.1 E-shop sold products are covered by the LOA in § 218 section 2 of a 2-year time limit for filing a complaint.

8.2 Complaints handling takes place in accordance with the contract in addition to the E-shop User ID. 

9. Personal data and their use

9.1 Service users give a clear and informed consent of the service provider's own personal data processing.

9.2 The Order entered by a user, the service provider has become known to the service user's personal data in the client register and used for the sale of goods and provision of services to offer the service to the user.

9.3 Personal Data source customer relationship is the emergence of the e-shop registration process.

04/09 to registration of the personal data belonging to the data service user per order - personal identification number, surname, first name (s) Street address, apartment number, city or town, zip code, telephone number, address, date of birth, sex, delivery method, used in the method of payment, E-shop acceptance of the User Agreement, you agree to the solicitation, e-mail address entered at the comments.

9.5 The processing of personal data ex Akrom LLC.

9.6 The service user's personal data, which is necessary for the goods to the Service User are forwarded for operators courier company.

9.7 Protection of personal data is guaranteed by all the security measures required by law.

9.8 The service provider undertakes not to transmit personal data to third parties.

9.9 The service provider reserves the right to transmit the user regarding the case, which processes the data transmitted to the statutory obligation of a person who is lawfully entitled to the service when it is about the life of another person's health or freedom.

10.9 Service users have the right to check the personal data concerning him as well as modify or remove data from the register.

11.9 The service user gives consent to the service provider to send submitting the order entered by electronic mail order confirmation.

12.9 The service user provides the service provider agreed to receive promotional offers to placing an order mail address entered when it is pointed out in agreement with the order submission page checkmark in the corresponding window.

10. Liability

10.1 The service provider bears responsibility for the selling price of the product scope. Service provider does not take responsibility for defective products caused by damage, such as damage to property or information, turnover or profit abolition.

10.2 The service user undertakes to use the E-store service only in accordance with the law and based on good practices.

10.3 The service user is responsible for the Online Shop User Agreement opponents, the law or good practice in the use of anti-E-store for damages caused by the service provider to other users of the Service or any third party.

11. Differences

11.1 E-shop User Agreement and terms of use arising from differences between the service provider and the service kasutja settled according to Estonian legislation in force. Failing agreement, the dispute shall be resolved in the Tartu County Court.

12. Use

12.1 Operating Agreement, the terms of the dating service user is required.

12.2 When ordering, by ticking the appropriate window, "I agree Akrom-EX E-shop conditions for using the" Service User agrees that he is familiar with the terms of the User Agreement, understood and agree to the terms of the contract.


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